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Sonja Jacob by Mark Stranger


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Born in Switzerland originally , she was traveling around the globe with her parents since she was a baby. Her mother is a singer and her father a  pianist and composer.

From a very early age she had been busking , singing and playing the guitar . At the age of 15 she joined a variety theater group . That’s where she started playing the saxophone, as well as being part of a team of artists that created a smashing entertainment show. They  performed in cities across Europe including Berlin, Munich, Zurich Berne and Paris , and traveled with their caravans for hundreds of miles to reach new destinations . 

She then moved to New York to enroll in AMDA, American Musical and Dramatic Academy and got granted a scholarship from the educational department. Between working different jobs as waitress, bartender , sound engineer assistant and studying , she more and more got drawn to jazz and the music world. She studied saxophone with Bill Saxton that enlightened her with the basics of a II- V progression and got her hooked on jazz. Working as an assistant engineer she was exposed to the music of Run DMC , the Beasty Boys and Red Hot Chilli Pepper live at the studio,  those first impressions inspired her to write music and are well present in her style and lyrics.

Later she moved to Tel Aviv and co-founded the all women band BELLA DONNA.  They  released a CD and toured in Israel , Switzerland and Germany even playing the renown jazz festival Montreux .

She played as a side woman for different artists including Sweet Georgia Brown , Roy Young and Daphne Armoni, Shalom Hanoch, the Finns.

For the past few years she has been teaming up with the "Monkee Palace Family Groove", like the title says, it's a family affair! Together they have produced a CD  available on  all  platforms.


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